Who Is Baby Blanks Clothing

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today”

Hello! My name is Lisa and I am the owner of Baby Blanks Clothing.

I began Baby Blanks Clothing after many years of manufacturing baby clothes and selling my products at markets. For anyone who has done the market circuit, you’ll know it’s a great place to meet people. I learned a lot from those conversations and many of the creative women I met became inspiration for beginning Baby Blanks.


There are so many creative people, with great ideas, but it can be frustrating if you can’t find the right tools. Clothes designers I met told me about purchasing bulk baby clothes for print, that would stretch and pill. The colours would start fading after just one or two washes. Working on an inferior base product undermined the quality of their product and disappointed their customers, in turn undermining their whole business.

It seemed ridiculous to me that quality blank clothing was not available. With a background in manufacturing and many years with my own baby clothing label, these frustrated designers provided all the evidence I needed to know exactly where to direct my skills in a new business.

How We Achieved It

For the next two long years Baby Blanks came to fruition, with a lot of research and hard work. The important message I want to get out to people is that we are not just suppliers of a product we know nothing about. We design and manufacture all our blank clothing.

I know the design of each piece intimately. I’ve chosen the high quality cotton jersey and I oversee all design changes, materials and colours. This is a crucial aspect of our Baby Blanks brand. We want clothes designers to know us as the blank clothing choice that they can rely on to provide a high quality, versatile and reliable base for all their designs.

The Baby Blanks Clothing Range


What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned so much during this period and continue to learn as the business evolves. I’m actually really proud to be able to manufacture a quality product that is a stepping stone to launch creative designers. It’s a good feeling when people get excited about discovering and using our products in their designs.

The key to so many things in life is a solid foundation. That’s what I hope Baby Blanks can be for so many.