Reducing Plastic Packaging & Single Use Plastic

There’s a real increase in interest at the moment about plastic pollution and how we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use. Images of the Pacific Garbage Patch filled with plastic pollution and plastic bags that kill turtles and end up inside the bodies of whales, has motivated many people to start looking at ways to reduce their dependence on plastic.

Concern with single use plastic has led me to reduce my own plastic bag use. I now take my own shopping bags with me. I store fruit and vegetables in damp, padded cloth bags in the fridge to keep them fresh and I use my own produce bags. I highly recommend The Swag, as well as The FredgieSack for all your eco friendly shopping bags.

I keep my plastic free shopping kit in my car, so I always have all my bags with me – perfect for those unplanned shopping trips. I’ve been doing this now for over a year and it’s now become a habit. It’s just a part of my everyday shopping routine that takes no more time and, most importantly, significantly reduces my plastic use.

My sustainable plastic free shopping kit

At Baby Blanks our focus on ethical manufacturing has inevitably led to considering ways we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use in the manufacturing and processing of orders. This has led to us introducing easy tear away labels on all our clothing, to help reduce single use plastic packaging and to make it cheaper and easier for you.

Tear Away Labels

As wholesalers we are sought out by kids and baby clothing designers who are looking for no brand clothing to attach their own branded labels. We are obliged to provide essential sizing and brand information on all our clothing, so people know what they are purchasing. Up until now we’ve done this by attaching a sticky label on the front of each garment showing its size.

From August 1 we’re introducing easy tear away labels on all our new stock. The new labels are already on our larger size kids basic tees, long back tees and long sleeve long back tees that have just arrived. Each garment will have a label, showing the size and the Baby Blanks logo, attached to the back of the collar. The label is easy to tear away and can be replaced with your own branding.

Baby Blanks new reduced plastic packaging

Reducing Our Plastic Packaging

Our new, easy, tear away labels will help to reduce the amount of single use plastic Baby Blanks uses for packaging our wholesale kids clothing.  The new labels mean we will be eliminating the sticky sizing labels we attach to the front of each garment.

Our new labelling also means that we are eliminating single use poly bags to wrap individual items. From the 1st of August your clothing order will be sent to you with bulk items all wrapped together, rather than wrapped individually. This will reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use.

We’re saying goodbye to single use plastic packaging to wrap individual items.

Recyclable Plastic

The bags that you receive your order in are recyclable plastic that can be taken to any Redcycle drop off point at participating Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.

The Redcycle recycling project recycles soft, scrunchable plastics, like bread bags, to keep them out of landfill. Many people don’t realise that these can be recycled and they end up either going to landfill or placed in council recycling programs (where they are unable to be recycled). Redcycle provides a full list of the types of plastics you can recycle.

More Information & Your Feedback

We love hearing from you. Let us know what you think of our new tear away labels and our new packaging. We’d love to hear what you do to reduce the amount of plastic waste and single use plastic in your life.

Stay up to date with news of what Baby Blanks is doing to manufacture responsibly and reduce our ethical and carbon footprint on our Being Ethical page.