Discount T-Shirts & Blank Clothing

I often get asked by customers if I offer discounts on our quality t shirts and baby blank clothing. While I’d love to, it’s not actually possible, for a few important reasons. I thought it would be helpful to write a blog explaining why.

Quality T Shirts & Wholesale Blank Clothing

The bulk of our customers are small boutique designers who embroider, use heat transfer methods or print original designs onto our blank clothing. No matter how great the finished garment looks, if the base product is poor it won’t last long and customers won’t return or recommend the brand. Poor quality clothes include a t shirt or hoodie that pills, shrinks or stretches, the colour runs or fades in the wash, the sewing is poor, or it doesn’t fit.

Quality Manufacturing

Finding quality t shirts and wholesale blank clothing online can be pretty difficult. So when you buy from Baby Blanks you’re putting a lot of trust in us. You won’t come back to us if our product is poor…and your customers won’t come back to you. If clothes are poorly manufactured everyone loses.

Baby Blanks focus on manufacturing the highest quality t shirts, baby and kids clothes because we want our baby blanks cotton clothing to be a consistently reliable base product for you to use with confidence. Unlike many other suppliers, we design and manufacture all our blank clothing. This is a deliberate decision, and it enables us to control the quality of our product from beginning to end: the design; the quality and thickness of the cotton, the cut, the seams.


We all know how annoying it can be when you buy a t shirt and it pills after one wear. Whether or not a garment pills depends on the quality of the raw cotton, as well as what happens in the manufacturing process.

The shorter the length of the cotton fibres, the more likely it will pill. Poor manufacturing can also result in rubbing, which also causes pilling.

We oversee the sourcing of the raw cotton and the manufacturing process to make sure our clothing meets our high quality standards. All our clothing is made from high quality combed cotton, that won’t stretch or pill and is colourfast.


Fabric Weight

We’ve all experienced buying a high end brand t shirt that costs a fortune but when you put it up to the light, you can see through it! How tightly woven a fabric is, determines the weight and the quality of the fabric. Gsm is grams per square and measures the fabric weight. The higher the number, the tighter the knit and the higher the quality. Cotton weight varies between 100 gsm for light weight to 250 or more gsm for high quality weight.

All our cotton garments are between 180 and 200 gsm, which means they are a high quality weight and are perfect for everyday wear. They can be worn and washed regularly without shrinking or stretching.

Thicker weight fabric provides extra warmth in cooler weather. We make all our blank clothing in mid weight, high quality cotton. This means means all our quality t shirts, hoodies, long sleeve t shirts and onesies are perfect for trans seasonal wear.

While our blank clothing may be a little more expensive than some other blank t shirts and wholesale baby clothes online, our higher quality t shirts and blank clothes are easy to use and will continue to look good. Your customers will love you for it!

Bulk Pricing

As you know, Baby Blanks loves supporting boutique designers. That’s why when it comes to the price of our clothes, we chose a pricing structure that supports you.

Many larger companies that sell blank clothing in bulk only provide discounts on very large volume sales – the more you buy the bigger the discount. Our pricing structure is different from these types of companies.

We deliberately start our bulk discounts in smaller volumes (i.e. 10+ items) because many of our sales come from small businesses who typically buy in smaller amounts. This way you get a discount sooner and more often.

Baby Blanks Quality T Shirts & Wholesale Clothes

Manufacturing a consistently high quality product means that we can’t compete with discount online wholesalers who cut corners and use inferior fabrics to get prices as low as possible. We also provide a pricing structure that you’ll experience more often on the amounts you more typically need. That’s why we aren’t able to offer further discounts.

We do our best to offer quality t shirts and blank kids clothes that are fairly priced, reflecting the quality of our materials, design and manufacturing process, and your buying needs. The moral to our story of quality is simple. A quality base product will mean a quality end product and happy customers all round.

After a Sample? Try Before You Buy

We want you to be absolutely confident when creating awesome baby and kids clothes that look fantastic and that your customers love. We encourage you to  try before you buy and test our garments thoroughly.

No account required to order a sample,  you can purchase as many or as little you like  directly via the website.  See  and feel the quality of our blank clothing for yourself.

Got A  Question?

If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.