Our Mission and Values

The Baby Blanks Mission

Before there was Baby Blanks, we were a small family business designing baby wear like many of our current customers. From our own experiences and after many conversations with fellow designers and crafters, we learned how difficult it was to find high-quality kids’ blanks and wholesale baby clothes in Australia. We were inspired to found Baby Blanks by every out-of-stock, poor-fit, low-quality and impossible-to-find story we heard. Our mission is the same now as it was back then: Become Australia’s go-to source for high quality, trendy wholesale baby clothes.

Our Vision

Baby Blanks is a Australian family business located in Melbourne. We do manufacture overseas, but we take a proactive, hands-on approach to our manufacturing responsibilities. We take the extra time and spend the effort to do this because our vision is to manufacture and sell wholesale baby and kids clothes in a way that:

Ethical Manufacturing

As part of our ongoing efforts to achieve our vision of ethical and free trade-friendly manufacturing, we implement socially responsible policies and checks as much as possible across our supply chain. This determines the factories at which we choose to manufacture our clothes, the quality of the materials we use, the process and techniques of dyeing, cutting, and sewing, as well as the frequency of our stock shipments. To ensure we meet our goals, a Baby Blanks team frequently travels to inspect factory conditions and maintain quality control.

Safe, Sustainable Products

Baby Blanks does not pursue what have become known as the principles of ‘fast fashion’ — low-cost, low-quality, high-turnover goods. We will never pursue the lowest possible manufacturing costs at the expense of our social responsibility. As a result of our commitments to fair working conditions, sourcing only quality cotton, manufacturing to a high ethical standard, and stringent quality control in our factories, we have achieved wholesale blank baby and kids’ clothing that is high quality, durable, safe, and priced fairly.
Our blanks are built to last and don’t fill up landfills like fast fashion garments do. We also test for potentially hazardous materials, such as AZO dyes, to ensure our blanks are safe for our customers and yours.

Our Values

So what do we mean when we say our clothes are high quality? Unlike many bulk baby and kids clothes manufacturers, we take pride in the quality of our garments. All our blank combed cotton t-shirts, hoodies, and bodysuits are between 180–200 gsm, a perfect mid-weight quality and thickness for cooler and trans-seasonal wear. Our combed cotton is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, and is sturdy enough to withstand repeated washing. It won’t stretch or pill, and it’s colourfast. To make our blanks ideal for printing, all our apparel is made from 100% cotton fabric with no ribbing.
At Baby Blanks, we believe in ethical manufacturing processes that have a minimal carbon footprint, because we care about the futures of the kids wearing our clothes. To do our part for the environment, we ensure that all of our garments are made to last so that we aren’t one of those ‘fast fashion’ companies that are filling up our landfills with poor-quality clothes. We also strive to use the minimal amount of packaging when dispatching our products, and use sustainable materials whenever possible. Learn more about our commitment to ethical manufacturing here.

We started Baby Blanks because designers and crafters like us couldn’t get quality blanks that allowed them to realise their visions. That’s why we offer a full range of beautiful colours that are perfect for a range of creative applications. Our wholesale baby and kids range is available in black, white, blush pink, grey marle, ice blue, lilac, navy blue, peach, pink, slate, teal, and stonewash, and we are always updating our colours to reflect changing colour palettes. We also offer blank white clothing, which is the perfect choice for those looking for garments to tie-dye.
For the benefit of our designer customers, our baby clothes are made from smooth cotton jersey that is easy to print on and is ideal for embroidery.

Our styles are always on trend, so your creations will not only always look great and last long, but will also appeal to fashion-conscious parents.

Baby Blanks is an Australian, family-owned, local Melbourne business, so community is important to us. Our wholesale kids’ clothing available today is widely credited to all the creators in our community who provided us with insightful suggestions and wonderful feedback and without them, this passion of ours would not be the reality it is today. To all you amazing designers and creators, we thank you. We strive to repay this with high-quality products, attentive customer service, and fast processing and shipping so that our fellow small businesses have the support they need to succeed.