Relabelling Services

A Great Way to Showcase Your Brand

Our relabelling service entails removing our label and adding yours for you, saving you time better spent on growing your business. As long as your MOQ is no less than 30 units, we’ll attach your labels to any combination of colours, sizes, and styles. All you need to do is send us your pre-cut labels and we’ll take care of the rest. We can also store your labels in-house for quicker processing of your order.

How Does the Relabelling Service Work?

When you submit your order, simply send us an email via the Contact Us form and let us know the service you need. Once we’ve received your request, you can send us your labels and we’ll get in touch with you about payment and the labelling process. The turnaround time is 2–5 business days, but smaller orders are generally dispatched the same day or next day. For a speedier turnaround time, please include all the necessary information so we can get your order out to you quickly.

Relabelling Costs

We’ve made relabelling easy with a single price per label. Just choose where you want them attached and we’ll do the rest

Neck Labels

$1.20 + GST

Hem Labels

$1.30 + GST

Sleeve Labels

$1.30 + GST

Need a manufacturer for your own branded labels? We do that too