Blank White Clothing Tie Dye

Tie dye is a fabric dyeing technique that creates different dye patterns on fabric as a result of tying, folding, and rolling the fabric. Tie dye can achieve a great many different styles and patterns and has become very popular in recent years as a pattern for babies and children's clothing. The best results are achieved using fibre reactive dye for tie dye. At Baby Blanks, we get a lot of inquiries from clothing designers searching for quality blank white clothing in a range of styles and sizes. Baby Blanks design and manufacture wholesale blank clothing for tie dye.

Tips For Tie Dye

By far the best fabric for tie dyeing are natural fabrics, like cotton and silk, and using a white base for tie dying will ensure the best colour results. The density of the weave will also effect the results you get. All our garments are made from high quality 190 GSM, cotton jersey. When tie dyeing, make sure to use quality cotton clothing, invest in high quality dyes and follow the recommended tips for tie dye.   Shop Blank White Clothing

Wholesale At Baby Blanks

Baby Blanks are an Australian family business, We design and manufacture all our babies, kids and adult clothing in order to maintain strict quality control over our garments and ensure we can provide a consistently high quality product for all our designers. When you become a Baby Blanks wholesale customer, we provide free flatlay images to download and use in all your promotions, as well as an attractive tiered wholesale pricing structure. More About Wholesale
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