Blank Clothing with Social Responsibility


Our Vision

Our vision is to manufacture and sell wholesale baby and kids clothes in a way that respects and treats workers fairly, does not pollute the environment, and produces a minimal carbon footprint.

We are an Australian family business who manufacture overseas, but take a proactive, hands-on approach to our manufacturing responsibilities.


Our Approach

Baby Blanks™ believe that a commitment to being ethical is an ongoing process for the life of our business. We implement socially responsible policies and checks as much as possible across our supply chain. This shapes the factories we choose to work with to manufacture our clothes, the quality of the materials we use, the process and techniques of dyeing, cutting and sewing, as well as the frequency of our stock shipments.



Baby Blanks™ does not pursue the lowest possible manufacturing costs, at the expense of our social responsibility. We are opposed to what have become known as the principles of “fast fashion” – low cost, low quality, high turn over goods.

As a result of our commitment to fair working conditions, sourcing quality cotton jersey, manufacturing to a high standard and stringent quality control in our factories, our wholesale blank baby and kids clothing is high quality, durable, safe and priced fairly.



Gaining official certification or accreditation from a recognised organisation is one of the key ways that businesses can demonstrate their social responsibility. Gaining this industry ‘tick’ or ‘stamp of approval’ can be expensive for small or growing businesses. We acknowledge that while this is one of the primary ways of establishing these credentials, it is not the only means.

We pursue official certification where we can and in its absence are committed to communicating openly with our customers about the steps we’re taking to build a socially responsible business.


Fabric Testing

Fire safety and and the chemical content of fabric is an important health and environmental consideration when purchasing any baby and kids clothing. As part of our commitment to transparency, in 2018 we submitted a sample of our clothing to be tested for AZO dyes. AZO dyes are known to contain carcinogenic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. Samples were sent to AWTA in February 2018. The results confirmed that Baby Blanks™ clothing contains no dangerous carcinogenic AZO dye. See more on AZO dyes and Baby Blanks™ test results.


Carbon Footprint

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by limiting the number of shipments of our stock to Australia to only four shipments per year.



Baby Blanks™ is committed to the principles of fair trade. That’s why we frequently travel to inspect factory conditions and maintain quality control. Our most recent visit to the Baby Blanks™ factories was in late 2017.