Ethical Wholesale Clothing

Our business purpose is to provide a premium product for clothing designers who want a quality clothing base to show off their designs. We’re serious about manufacturing high quality blank clothing that is durable, washes well, and lasts long enough to be handed on when it’s outgrown. That’s why we use only premium cotton, as well as high quality dyes without harmful AZO dyes. We also manufacture using double needle stitching for strength, and our sizes are always true to size, so baby and kids always get the right fit.

Being ethical for us is all about reducing our footprint, reducing waste and plastic packaging and using quality materials and superior manufacturing methods that extend the lifecycle of clothing.

Our clothing gets great results with printing, embroidery and tie dye.  We also offer our wholesale customers a range of extra services, including a re labelling service, label manufacturing, and free downloadable flatlay images to use with promotions.

  • Branding Assistance – Our Relabelling Service

    Relabelling clothing is a part of buying wholesale and developing your own design business. Did you know that we now offer assistance with your branding through a re labelling and label manufacturing service? Our service is an easy way for you to get your designs beautifully branded, allowing you to show off your business and [...] More  →
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    If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of time to spend shopping for clothes. When I do I like to buy high quality pieces that will last a long time. But while there’s an obvious relationship between poor quality and a cheap price at checkout, it’s not uncommon to get caught out …

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  • The Lifecycle Of A T Shirt

    The Lifecycle Of A T Shirt It’s still Plastic Free July and with a focus on the environment, I thought we’d take a look at the lifecycle of a t shirt. The t shirt is a clothing staple around the world and it is estimated that about two billion t shirts are sold worldwide each …

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  • Reducing Plastic Packaging & Single Use Plastic

    There’s a real increase in interest at the moment about plastic pollution and how we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use. Images of the Pacific Garbage Patch filled with plastic pollution and plastic bags that kill turtles and end up inside the bodies of whales, has motivated many people to start …

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  • Who Wants To Buy Australian Made?

    Recent reporting on the social and environmental impact of the “fast fashion” industry have made consumers more aware of the reality behind that bargain $3 kids t-shirt. We’re now much more aware of the real cost of the clothing we buy and it has also put pressure on many of the big clothing companies to …

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