• Branding Assistance – Our Relabelling Service

    Relabelling clothing is a part of buying wholesale and developing your own design business. Did you know that we now offer assistance with your branding through a re labelling and label manufacturing service? Our service is an easy way for you to get your designs beautifully branded, allowing you to show off your business and [...] More  →
  • Tear Away Labels For Relabelling Blank Clothing

    Branding & T Shirt Labels While a garment label is pretty small, it is a valuable part of branding “real estate” that continues even after the t shirt or piece of clothing has been handed on multiple times. Branding for any business today is so important. That’s why most of the designers who purchase our …

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  • Reducing Plastic Packaging & Single Use Plastic

    There’s a real increase in interest at the moment about plastic pollution and how we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use. Images of the Pacific Garbage Patch filled with plastic pollution and plastic bags that kill turtles and end up inside the bodies of whales, has motivated many people to start …

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  • Baby Blanks Environmental Testing Results

    At Baby Blanks we’re serious about social responsibility in our manufacturing of blank baby and children’s clothing. It’s something we continually work towards improving. Part of being socially responsible is being transparent with our customers about how we manufacture our ethical children’s clothing, and how we are meeting industry standards. Recently we sent a sample …

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  • Eight Great Reasons To Pay An Extra Dollar When You Shop

    An Extra Dollar On Clothing When it comes to buying baby and kids clothing the prices can be ridiculously small. But have you ever stopped to think about the costs associated with making that kids tee shirt or baby bodysuit – including the cost of the materials and the cost of labor for the person …

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  • Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing – Visiting Factories In China

    As an Australian company who manufactures in China I wanted to be as involved as I could with the manufacturing process. When I began the process of finding someone to manufacture my designs, I wanted to do it right. It took a lot of patience and time to find the right people who could help …

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  • Baby Blanks Clothing New Website

    We’re very excited to have finally launched our website and online store for purchasing our high quality blank baby clothing. After a lot of hard work, we think it’s looking pretty special and we’re hoping you’ll love it too.

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  • Who Is Baby Blanks Clothing

    There are so many creative people, with ideas, but it can be frustrating if you can’t find the right tools. Creative clothes designers I met told me about purchasing bulk baby clothes for print, that would stretch and pill.

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