Twinning: Creating Your Mini Me Fashion Statement

Mom and Toddler matching outfits have really taken off and it seems like everyone who’s anyone is getting in on it. C’mon, if Beyonce can do it, then it’s got to be cool! Twinning outfits have taken Instagram by storm and we’re a little enamoured here at Baby Blanks with those adorable “mom and toddler matching outfits”.

Mom And Toddler Matching Outfits

More and more big brand names, as well as boutiques devoted specifically to twinning, are bringing out ‘mini me’ matching outfits and accessories that can be shared by mums and their bubs, toddlers and older children – from t shirts, to dresses, shoes and hats. Twinning tells the world that you’re a duo, you love hanging out and most of all you enjoy having some fun.

Matching outfits are all about not taking yourself too seriously, expressing some ‘tude, and celebrating hanging with your kids. A bit of an ode to old fashioned family time, mums who embrace the trend, say wearing matching outfits is an opportunity to bond with their kids, knowing that these years won’t last forever. Twinning is also lots of fun for those who enjoy the age-old creative play and drama of dressing up.

Kid’s Clothes Are So Cool!

I have to admit, there’s been a few times recently when I’ve seen kids clothing that I just wish they made in adult sizes. The return of strong colours and bold, fun patterns in women’s clothing (aka Gormanesque style) may have contributed to breaking down barriers between kids and women’s clothing styles, leading the way for matching outfits. The recent jumpsuit trend is a favourite of mine and a perfect example of a clothing style that can be worn by all ages. The tutu is another fashion trend that mums and toddlers are matching. The tee shirt is of course the universal fashion item and is worn from birth to old age. As the perfect canvas for all sorts of graphics and to express a zillion messages for the world, the humble tee shirt is one of the most versatile, and easiest ways for mums, toddlers and older kids to match their outfits.

With so many blank designs to choose from, wholesale blank clothing is the perfect base to create a zillion mom and toddler matching outfits.

How To Match Outfits

As many “Awww” inspiring matching outfits you see on Instagram, there may be an equal number of twinning fails that make you laugh out loud or make your mind boggle. You know the ones – the six year old girl dressed in stilletos, or the entire family dressed in coordinated swimwear and matching sun hats. Although twinning is about essentially looking the same, designers are getting creative about the way they embrace this design trend. There’s no one way to pull off the ‘mini me’ look. You can match your outfits in a really obvious way, by going all “matchy-matchy” with completely identical outfits, or create matching outfits that have similar colours, patterns or themes. In other words, if you’re a little bit shy about going full twin, you can still join the #twinning trend. Of course twining has really taken off with millenial mums sharing photos of their kids on instagram. For inspiration, there are plenty of great accounts to checkout, including @delightfulhimig and @mhyian.

Blank clothing is perfect for creating gorgeous mom and toddler matching outfits

Wholesale Blank Kids Clothing Does #Twinning

Baby Blanks has embraced the latest twinning trend – after all the wholesale blank tee shirt is the perfect canvas for developing amazing designs for mums, babies and kids clothing. That’s why we’ve released the women’s tee in the latest season’s colours. We want all our fabulous designers to get creative on our women’s, wholesale kids and baby tee shirts, and make the most adorable sets for mums and their littlies to be seen in. Creating matching outfits for mums, toddlers and babies is so easy with wholesale blank kids clothes. Create your message or your design, choose from our range of basic tees, long back tees, slouch rompers, big kids tees and singlets, bodysuits, or our stonewash series, and match them with our super soft, mid weight, relaxed style women’s tee shirts. Our wholesale women’s tees are available now in black, white and rose quartz. All Baby Blanks women’s, babies and kids tee shirts are manufactured in the softest jersey cotton and are so easy to print on. They’re ready for all your best twinning designs for Christmas gifts and a long hot summer. We love hearing from creative designers and creative mums. Have you embraced the twinning trend? What are your favourite mom and toddler matching outfits? Let us now and  #babyblanks in your Instagram pics if you do. Happy twinning!