Tear Away Labels For Relabelling Blank Clothing


Branding & T Shirt Labels

While a garment label is pretty small, it is a valuable part of branding “real estate” that continues even after the t shirt or piece of clothing has been handed on multiple times. Branding for any business today is so important. That’s why most of the designers who purchase our blank baby and children’s clothing for printing or embroidery apply their own clothing tag to their garments for reselling. The process of relabelling usually takes place during the printing.

New Tear Away Labels

We recently introduced tear away labels on all our new stock to replace all our sticky sizing labels. The new tear away labels are designed to make relabelling easier and to reduce printing costs. Our new labels are also part of our recent waste audit and decision to reduce plastic packaging.

Just Tear Away!

The video above shows just how easy it is to tear off the Baby Blanks tag attached to the inside of the neck on our garments. There are two tags. The top one is the branded Baby Blanks tag and the tag underneath has important sizing and fabric information. One or both tags can be torn away. Some people may wish to keep the bottom label which provides sizing information. It all depends on the design of your own tag and how you wish to provide information to your customers.

Reduce The Cost Of Relabelling

The introduction of tear away labels is a cost effective alternative to sewn-in labels, when it comes to reducing the costs associated with printing.

Printing and relabelling businesses charge a fee for relabelling. This process involves removing the sewn-in label (attached by the manufacturer) and attaching a new branded label. Each label on every item of clothing needs to be unpicked and removed. Tear away labels make this process much quicker, because they are simply torn off. This can reduce relabelling costs by up to 50%.

Reducing Our Plastic

As well as making it easier for our wholesale customers, our decision to introduce new tear away labels was also driven by wanting to reduce our plastic packaging. The new labels have been introduced in tandem with rethinking the way we package our garments. The tear away labels are replacing the single long sticky sizing labels attached to the front of each garment.

Australian Labelling Requirements

Not only is a well designed label important for branding recognition, but it is also important in order to meet Australian regulations. All wholesalers and retailers are obliged to provide certain information on clothing in order to meet Australian regulations.

Australian regulations for labelling on clothing and textiles state that all labels must provide enough information (on a label or tag) to:

  • know how to care for clothing and textile products
  • have prior knowledge of costs such as dry cleaning in the ongoing care of clothing and textile products
  • understand how to clean clothing and textile products properly (e.g. cold hand wash only)
  • maximise the useful life of clothing and textile products
  • avoid damage such as dyes running (e.g. wash separately).

For more information about Australian labelling requirements, see care labelling for clothing and textiles on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission website.

What Do You Think Of Our Labels?

We love hearing your ideas. Tell us what you think of our new labels. What are some of the ways you are reducing your plastic use?