Starting Out Manufacturing Wholesale Baby Clothes

As a wholesale baby and kids clothing manufacturer, I sometimes get asked questions about different aspects of manufacturing, and tips on starting out. When I started out I had a clear picture of the style and quality of the baby clothes I wanted to manufacture, as well as a clear idea of my target market. There are so many wholesale kids clothing manufacturers out there. It’s helpful to have a few tips to get your started.

Wholesale Kids Clothing Manufacturers

There are lots of wholesale kids clothing manufacturers, so first up, try not to be too overwhelmed by the task. My first lot of advice is to take each step slowly and pay attention to all the details. Don’t be afraid if you spend more time than you think getting something just right. Get each stage right before you move to the next stage.

Starting Out On Your Wholesale Manufacturing Journey

The best way to succeed when you begin this exciting journey is to make sure you start with a reliable base for your final product. So before you start sourcing suppliers for your fabrics and scouting locations and factories, I always suggest spending time finalising the design details and drawings till they are as exact and detailed as possible. In my experience this preliminary work really makes a huge difference when you’re starting out designing and manufacturing your own kids or baby clothes.

Find A Textile Designer

To make sure your beautiful designs come out looking just the way you’ve imagined them, it’s a good idea to find a professional textile designer who can translate your designs into detailed drawings. A textile designer can put together detailed black and white line drawings of every piece of kids clothing in your range. These drawings are the template for all your final manufactured garments.

Don’t Scrimp On Detail

Because manufacturers will use your drawings to make your kids clothing designs, they obviously need to be super accurate. Every detail that you want to see on your final finished garments should be detailed in the drawings.

The drawings need to show exactly where you want any applique or printed design to appear on each clothing piece. And don’t forget to include the sizing range you want, the types of fabric and materials you want to use, as well as your colour choices.

I found during this period it was worth double and triple checking the details. And unless you are experienced in textile drawing, I would always recommend getting a professional textile designer to help you with this part. It’s too important to cut corners.

So take your time and just know that it’s not unusual for it to take between 3 and 6 months until you’re confident about your final designs.

The Learning Curve

As someone who has been manufacturing for many years now, I can say I definitely experienced a learning curve when I started manufacturing kids and wholesale baby clothes.

I was really clear about the way I wanted to manufacture and the quality I wanted for my wholesale customers, so I wanted to be involved as much as possible with every decision. The more I knew about the manufacturing process – from sourcing fabrics, dyeing, cutting and sewing – the more control I had over the finished Baby Blanks clothing range. I made some mistakes in those early days, but the great thing is I learned to avoid repeating them.

Wholesale Kids Clothing Manufacturers: Doing It Overseas

Wholesale kids clothing manufacturers all experience a lot of the same challenges when they start out. The manufacturing process is never easy, particularly when you are manufacturing overseas. As some of you may know, last year I travelled to China to visit the factories that manufacture Baby Blanks wholesale kids clothing. I got to meet the people who are involved in the process of weaving, dyeing, cutting and sewing. I also got an insight into the everyday working conditions. I wrote a blog about my visit – Wholesale Clothing Manufacturing.

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