Latest Trends – New Colours & Australia’s Only Stone Wash For Summer

Summer 2017 -18 Trends

We are really excited to tell you about the new Baby Blanks colours and styles that have just arrived for summer. With Christmas coming and holiday times ahead it’s time to have some fun with brighter colours, as well as getting the latest vintage look with our new Stone Wash series.

All our beautiful new styles are available to order via our online store – just in time for Christmas! Pack your gift in one of our cotton gift bags, available in small, medium or large.

New Colours

Colour trends are moving to a brighter palette, with soft pastels having a big come back. Hues of soft pink and peach are perfect for summer and we’re a little bit in love with the arrival of our Long Back Tees in Salmon-Rose. Basic Tees are also getting in on the action too with Lilac and Mint now available.

Baby Blanks Stone Wash Series

Our most exciting news this season is the arrival of our long awaited Stone Wash series. Yay! Baby Blanks is the only  supplier in Australia offering this on-trend look for baby and kids.

Stone washed cotton is having a come back, with vintage and de-stressed styles in jeans, denim jackets and tees appearing everywhere. Frayed, faded or acid wash, as well as stone wash cotton t shirts with a mottled, vintage look are right on trend.

The Baby Blanks Stone Wash series is currently available in Salmon-Rose and Black and is available in three of our popular styles:

  • Stonewash Long Back Tee
  • Stonewash Muscle Tank
  • Stonewash Short Sleeve Bodysuit

The Stone Wash series arrives on November 25, but pre orders are available.

Stone Wash Cotton

The difference between stone wash and acid wash is really about degrees. Stone wash produces a gently mottled colour across a garment, while the uneven colour of acid wash is more dramatic, often looking like acid has been spilled over a section of the fabric, with dark and light sections. The gentler stone wash effect achieves a soft vintage look, that looks as if the t shirt is well worn, but doesn’t compromise any of the strength of the cotton jersey. Whether you know this look as stone wash, snow washing, or acid wash, it’s a great vintage look and a new take on 1980s and 90s trends.

Making Our Stone Wash Tanks & Tees

To achieve the vintage, well-worn look, each item undergoes a ‘snow wash’ to achieve the stone wash effect. The fabric is first dyed, and then cut and sewn. The garments are then dry washed in an industrial machine with ‘snow balls’, which gently remove or ‘fade’ the dye on the fabric. The process removes the dye from the outside of the garment and creates a ‘snow’ or ‘frosted’ pattern, without compromising the strength or quality of the cotton jersey.

Who is Baby Blanks?

Baby Blanks is an Australian owned business. We manufacturer and sell a range of high quality wholesale bulk baby and children’s clothes. Baby Blanks is inspired by every ill-fitting, out-of-shape and badly stitched wholesale t shirt or garment that has let you down in the past. Our cotton wholesale baby and kids clothes are made from high quality cotton jersey to withstand all the spills and wear that children provide each day, and to provide a reliable base product for all printing and applique jobs.