How To Embroider On A Onesie

Baby onesies and baby singlets are one of the most popular blank wholesale baby clothes for embroidery. Most embroidery these days is done via digital design and machine embroidery. When you’re first starting out, working with cotton jersey can be a challenge. It can be difficult to keep the fabric in one place, centre your design exactly where you want it, and end up with a design that doesn’t stretch out of shape. Without the right technique, final results can look pretty ordinary.

There are some great products, as well as fantastic how-to videos online that provide lots of invaluable tips on how to embroider on a onesie. We’ve found a couple that are detailed and provide helpful tips on getting the technique right.

An essential product you’ll need if you plan on doing embroidery on blank clothing is a hoop. Hooping is a way of keeping your cotton garment in one place and allows you to keep the back side of the garment out of the way, so you can machine embroider on just one side. The videos below show the detailed process of hooping a onesie and embroidering, as well as how to use stabiliser.

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