Finding The Best Quality Kids Wholesale Clothing

These days there are lots of cheap kids wholesale clothing and retail clothing available to purchase, but cheap prices often mean poor quality materials and poor manufacturing.

The Impact Of Fast Fashion

“Fast fashion” provides the latest clothing look at a really cheap price. This type of clothing has a fashion lifespan of a few weeks or months, so the clothing doesn’t need to last.

To get a perspective on fast fashion, I did some research and found some pretty alarming stats. Just in Australia, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill. Women on average only wear garments around seven times and only 15% of the clothing that gets donated to charity gets resold. The rest is sent overseas or are sold for industrial rags.

There are lots of people who are increasingly uncomfortable with the environmental and social consequences of the fast fashion industry and are starting to ask what they’re really paying for when buying super cheap clothes.

I Just Want Something Durable!

If you’re anything like me, you find it really frustrating and a false economy to be continually buying cheap clothes that only last a few washes before they stretch, fade, or the stitching starts to come undone. It’s no different when it comes to kids clothing.

Because kids grow so fast, handing clothes down to younger siblings and onto friend’s kids has always been a part of the culture of kids clothing. Not only does it save money, it’s also a way of sharing resources. With cheap, mass clothing, many items don’t last long enough for this to happen. Parents can end up in a frustrating never-ending cycle – continually buying cheap, low quality clothes and throwing them out after a few washes.

How Long Should Kids Clothing Last?

I’ve been manufacturing clothes for many years now. I’m also a mum to a very adventurous little boy, so I’m familiar with multiple changes of clothes in one day. In my experience, parents (if given the choice) want clothes for their kids that are long lasting and durable. This means kids clothing that won’t shrink, stretch or fade and will last at least until their child grows out of it. Because kids are generally harder on their clothes than adults, it’s even more important that kids clothing is durable. It’s also accepted that you will pay a little bit more for quality.

Kids clothes are made from cotton, but not all cotton is the same. It depends on the quality of the fibre, whether it is mixed with something else, the weave and fabric weight. You’ll experience this yourself when you pick up and feel a t shirt. The price also doesn’t necessarily indicate quality – particularly if you’re paying for a brand name. The most durable cotton for kids clothes will be soft and smooth, will retain its shape and will be a medium weight.

How Does Quality Impact Printing?

Clothing designers, who print their own designs on wholesale kids clothing and baby clothes want to be able to find a reliable base product for their designs. This is because they know that the quality and type of fibre used to make t shirts and other clothing does have an impact on the quality of the printing and the end product.

If you are a kids clothing designer, high quality cotton (rather than polyester) is generally considered the best fibre to print on. Colour takes well and is longer lasting. Mixed fibre t shirts (of polyester/cotton) are generally less reliable for printing.

Baby Blanks Durable Kids Wholesale Clothing

Baby Blanks manufactures baby and kids wholesale clothing for clothing designers. The inspiration for Baby Blanks came from wanting to manufacture a high quality base product that the bulk of our customers could rely upon for printing. When you buy our Baby Blanks hoodies, t shirts and long sleeve t shirts, you’re purchasing a premium product.

We set out to manufacture high quality cotton kids clothing that designers would find easy to work with, that would show off their awesome designs, that parents would love, and kids would enjoy and be comfortable wearing.

To manufacture a product that delivers all of this, means our designs aren’t the cheapest bulk kids clothing, but we’re proud to say they are premium quality. Plus they look awesome! We’ve found that our customers love the superior printing result from our clothes and parents love the designs and the durability.

Combed Cotton Durability

Baby Blanks clothing is made from combed cotton, which is better quality than a lot of cheaper cottons that are used in fast fashion. Combed cotton is very soft and the fibres are treated before spinning, which results in a stronger, smoother fabric. Our kids wholesale clothing contains five percent elastane, adding some ‘give’ to our clothes to ensure, they return to their original shape after wearing.

Sampling Wholesale Kids Clothing

Before committing to buy bulk kids wholesale clothing or baby clothes that are bargain basement cheap, it’s worth considering what you are paying for. Spending a little more time and paying a little more to find a quality product can save you down the track.

Browse our range of high quality combed cotton kids wholesale clothing and baby clothes. Contact us about a sample to test out our quality for yourself.