Branding Assistance – Our Relabelling Service

Relabelling clothing is a part of buying wholesale and developing your own design business. Did you know that we now offer assistance with your branding through a re labelling and label manufacturing service? Our service is an easy way for you to get your designs beautifully branded, allowing you to show off your business and build brand recognition.

Ensuring all your designs have labels with your business name and logo is a fundamental part of growing a clothing business, but sewing labels on your designs can be time consuming, and interrupt the flow of your design work.

We’ve simplified the process by combining re labelling and wholesale orders, so it can all be done in one place. When you send us your labels we’ll sew them onto your order and then send it. You’ll receive your order already branded with your own labels, ready for you to set to work creating your design magic.

Why are branded labels important?

Branded clothing labels are essential for designers, particularly in a competitive and globalised world. When a piece of your clothing is bought by a customer, your brand identity follows on that little woven tag. It’s a powerful piece of real estate, and a continual reminder to customers of who created the clothing and where to go to get more of what they love.

Branded labels enable you to:

  • Link your designs with your brand name – it’s your personalised signature on your artwork.
  • Include important information for your customers, including your website and contact details.
  • Distinguish your brand from other designers.
  • Help to build brand awareness.

How our relabelling clothing service works

We’ve made the whole process as simple as we can to save you time. When you place a wholesale order with us, simply send us an email to let us know how many labels you want and where you want the labels attached. You can choose neck, sleeve or hem labels. We’ll let you know the pricing and after we receive your labels and payment, we’ll set to work. We have a minimum order of 30 labels. Most orders will take between 2-5 days to complete, however small orders can be shipped the same or next day.

We’ll store your labels

Our relabelling clothing service streamlines the process, each time you make an order. Rather than sending us the required number of labels each time you make an order, just send us all your pre cut labels and we’ll store them on site, ready for next time.

We also help with manufacturing your labels

We can further simplify the process of branding your designs, by organising the manufacturing of your labels. All you need to do is send us your artwork and we’ll organise the rest. We have a minimum order of 1000 units.

Long live your brand!

You don’t have to be in business to understand the importance of branding. It’s all around us. Your brand is your signature and your clothing label is the way people will recognise and find you. I firmly believe that the high quality of our Baby Blanks clothing will mean that your beautiful designs will have a long life and your designs will remain in circulation for longer. So here’s to quality and a long life for you and your designs. Vive la marque!

Got a question?

To find out more about relabelling clothing or manufacturing your labels, send us a message.