What’s the difference between French terry and fleece?


The chilly winds, cool days and nights have arrived for many grateful Aussie families. Winter is finally here, you will notice the fabrics and fleeces changing. Winter Designs are well under way and with that which type of Cosy Winter fabric will you use for  your designs.  Let’s not forget it needs to be cosy […]

Discount T-Shirts & Blank Clothing

I often get asked by customers if I offer discounts on our quality t shirts and baby blank clothing. While I’d love to, it’s not actually possible, for a few important reasons. I thought it would be helpful to write a blog explaining why. Quality T Shirts & Wholesale Blank Clothing The bulk of our […]

Reducing Plastic Packaging & Single Use Plastic

There’s a real increase in interest at the moment about plastic pollution and how we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use. Images of the Pacific Garbage Patch filled with plastic pollution and plastic bags that kill turtles and end up inside the bodies of whales, has motivated many people to start […]

The Lifecycle Of A T-Shirt

The Lifecycle Of A T Shirt It’s still Plastic Free July and with a focus on the environment, I thought we’d take a look at the lifecycle of a t shirt. The t shirt is a clothing staple around the world and it is estimated that about two billion t shirts are sold worldwide each […]

Tear Away Labels For Relabelling Blank Clothing

  Branding & T Shirt Labels While a garment label is pretty small, it is a valuable part of branding “real estate” that continues even after the t shirt or piece of clothing has been handed on multiple times. Branding for any business today is so important. That’s why most of the designers who purchase […]

How To Spot Poor Quality Clothing

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of time to spend shopping for clothes. When I do I like to buy high quality pieces that will last a long time. But while there’s an obvious relationship between poor quality and a cheap price at checkout, it’s not uncommon to get caught out […]

Twinning: Creating Your Mini Me Fashion Statement

Mom and Toddler matching outfits have really taken off and it seems like everyone who’s anyone is getting in on it. C’mon, if Beyonce can do it, then it’s got to be cool! Twinning outfits have taken Instagram by storm and we’re a little enamoured here at Baby Blanks with those adorable “mom and toddler […]

Twinning Is Winning: Competition

Pics of mums and their bubs, or kids, wearing adorable matching outfits are popular all over Instagram. The #twinning trend is a fun and creative style of dressing. It’s also a great way for clothing designers to get their designs into the world and receive double the attention by having them worn by cool mum/kid […]

How To Embroider On A Onesie

Baby onesies and baby singlets are one of the most popular blank wholesale baby clothes for embroidery. Most embroidery these days is done via digital design and machine embroidery. When you’re first starting out, working with cotton jersey can be a challenge. It can be difficult to keep the fabric in one place, centre your design exactly where you want […]

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Searching for a great mother’s day gift can be tough. We all want to spoil mum and make her feel extra special, but giving her yet another voucher can feel a bit impersonal. This year it’s time to get creative with Mother’s day gifts. And with so much inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram there really […]

Baby Clothes On A Budget

When you have your first child, it’s common for the family income to shrink, as one parent becomes the stay at home carer. The reality of less money means most parents search for creative ways to save, including buying baby clothes on a budget. I should tell you from the outset, that I’m a bit […]

Branding Assistance – Our Relabelling Service

Relabelling clothing is a part of buying wholesale and developing your own design business. Did you know that we now offer assistance with your branding through a re labelling and label manufacturing service? Our service is an easy way for you to get your designs beautifully branded, allowing you to show off your business and […]