• The Lifecycle Of A T Shirt

    The Lifecycle Of A T Shirt It’s still Plastic Free July and with a focus on the environment, I thought we’d take a look at the lifecycle of a t shirt. The t shirt is a clothing staple around the world and it is estimated that about two billion t shirts are sold worldwide each …

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  • Landfill with single use plastic

    Reducing Plastic Packaging & Single Use Plastic

    There’s a real increase in interest at the moment about plastic pollution and how we can reduce the amount of single use plastic we use. Images of the Pacific Garbage Patch filled with plastic pollution and plastic bags that kill turtles and end up inside the bodies of whales, has motivated many people to start …

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  • how to tie dye a shirt

    How To Tie Dye Clothes – Choosing The Best Fabric & Dye

    If you’re a follower of fashion trends, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of tie-dye on the cat walks. Fashion is having a love affair with colour and pattern, and is embracing bright tie dye colour combinations, as well as more muted tie dye designs. Tie dye is appearing on a range of t …

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  • Dyeing Baby Blanks clothing in China

    Baby Blanks Environmental Testing Results

    At Baby Blanks we’re serious about social responsibility in our manufacturing of blank baby and children’s clothing. It’s something we continually work towards improving. Part of being socially responsible is being transparent with our customers about the ways we are making ethically made clothing and how we are meeting industry standards. Recently we sent a …

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  • easter gift ideas for kids handmade orange shoes

    Easter Gift Ideas For Kids & Babies

    I had a childhood friend, whose family had a tradition of giving each other books at Easter time. Because they all shared a love for reading, a tell-tale rectangular shaped present and just one or two brightly coloured eggs, gradually came to replace a basket full of chocolates. Easter also meant holiday time, which meant …

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  • shopping for wholesale kids clothing

    Eight Great Reasons To Pay An Extra Dollar When You Shop

    An Extra Dollar On Clothing When it comes to buying baby and kids clothing the prices can be ridiculously small. But have you ever stopped to think about the costs associated with making that kids tee shirt or baby bodysuit – including the cost of the materials and the cost of labor for the person …

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  • Who Wants To Buy Australian Made?

      Recent reporting on the social and environmental impact of the “fast fashion” industry have made consumers more aware of the reality behind that bargain $3 kids t-shirt. We’re now much more aware of the real cost of the clothing we buy and it has also put pressure on many of the big clothing companies …

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  • Designing & manufacturing kids baby clothes

    Starting Out Manufacturing Wholesale Baby Clothes

    As a wholesale baby clothes manufacturer, I sometimes get asked questions about different aspects of manufacturing, and tips on starting out. Sometimes a designer decides they want to take their clothing business to another level by combining designing and manufacturing their kids and baby clothes from start to finish. Starting Out on Your Manufacturing Journey …

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  • Latest Trends – New Colours & Australia’s Only Stone Wash For Summer

    Summer 2017 -18 Trends We are really excited to tell you about the new Baby Blanks colours and styles that have just arrived for summer. With Christmas coming and holiday times ahead it’s time to have some fun with brighter colours, as well as getting the latest vintage look with our new Stone Wash series. All …

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  • cotton branch cotton t shirts

    What’s The Best Cotton T Shirt For Printing?

    One of the common things I get asked about is the best fabric for printing on cotton t shirts. Customers want to know whether 100, 95 or 50 percent cotton for blank clothing and t shirts is better and the differences between ribbed, interlock and combed cotton. With cheap manufacturing and different manufacturing techniques generic cotton …

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